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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

PBIS Implementation Team

District Coordinator/Coach:
Brenda Cotton

District Coaches:

Laura Clark, Grade 3 Teacher
Mel Frazer, School Psychologist
Natalee Rice, Grade 2 Teacher


Erin Esposito, Math Teacher

Dave Miller, School Psychologist

Constance Whalen, Guidance Counselor

District Building Teams:
Suzanne Brewer, Grade 4 Teacher
Martha Bullock, Parent

Anna Gemzova, Teaching Assistant

Kathy Hannon, Learning Specialist
Ann Miller, Special Education Teacher

Javier Perez, Elementary Principal/CSE Director


Brenda Collum, Parent Representative

Megan Crowley, English Teacher
Margie Gallagher, Learning Specialist Teacher
Lynn Gosling, Middle and High School Guidance Counselor

Patti McConvey, Library Teaching Assistant

Julie Weinstein, 6th Grade Teacher

Greg Camelo, Interim High School Principal

Rick Retrosi, Interim Middle School Principal

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

What is PBIS?

PBIS is a systems approach for managing behavior using positive strategies.

By reducing behavioral problems through strategies that teach and promote positive behavior in all students, a safe learning environment is maintained.

In this environment teachers can teach and students can learn.

The system is built around three Core Values. A Core Value is a school-wide expectation for behaviors.

"Be Your Blue Bomber Best!"

Elementary News

"At the Elementary School the team is excited about the PBIS system we are currently developing and training our staff to implement next year." 

Middle/High School News

"The staff at the Middle/High School is very excited about the implementation of PBIS.  The PBIS Building Team is hard at work with developing the Behavior Expectation Matrix, a key component in the success of PBIS and look forward to the upcoming 'PBIS Kick-Off' the first week of the new school year in the fall.  As it is important for parents and the community to understand what PBIS is all about, please take the time to check out the PBIS website http://www.pbis.org/  for more information, and more importantly, to read about other school districts who have brought PBIS into their schools with great success."




Core Values:

The three core values of the Lake Placid Central School System are

Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe

Coming Soon

PBIS Locker

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